Saturday, February 19, 2005

O' Woe Is Thee

Art thou 'hert' stervening per nourishment?

'Hwaet' missing link must thou possess,

to obtain thee required degree of flourishment?

Indulge, feast, savor delicacies for thee 'hert' or soul, as then,

thou circulation will not skip a beat, as so, I've been told.

Dream, reach for your shining stars;

Ponder no more;

Wipe-up thee milk, but don't forget first, give it a quick lick.

Time will not erase thou pain.

Time will (at a turtle's pace) ease thou pain.

As thee internal clock's second hand, continues to click.

Saturday, January 31, 2004


Helping others was always his life.

Unlike the ones before him,

My "KIND" was never beyond,

His analytical scope or scientific foresight.

Nowhere on earth, did

Zoology ever go to such a level.

Even though, I walk vertically with long hairy arms, and a hairless face,

evidence of GENETICS have revealed that, my mother was an APE and father a MAN POSSESSED by the DEVIL!

Veola Carter
Copyright2003 Veola Carter

You quietly creep, creep, creep, up the stairs.
Trying very hard to scheme your next move(for when you finally get there).
In just a few short seconds, the door will slow-ly open.
Sc-reech! Sc-reech! Sc-reech!
Oh God! How I've prayed, that door would broken!
Telling my inner-most self, not to be frightened.
Eventually, this lurking fear will become, ultra-heightened.
Repelling each thought, that's causing me to wonder.
Controlling those cur-sed hormones did nothing but, make me ponder.
Each moment passes slower, than an eternity.
Soon, this whole ordeal will ALL be over.
"Now, don't worry daddy, I'm still your little girl. "I won't tell mommy and won't even
? your love for me." "I promise not to despise you, because of your PATERNITY."

Veola Carter
Copyright2003 Veola Carter
When Silence Isn't Golden

We wake-up in the morning
We don't talk
We eat supper together in the evening
We can't talk
Bedtime comes and we passionately make love.
Amazingly somehow, we still don't utter a word.
Utilizing physical expression, eliminating verbal progression;
Me, you, and silence continue to be, the one big UN-HAPPY family.
Where each one of us is secretly wondering, if just maybe, we'd rather be FREE!

Veola Carter
Copyright2003 Veola Carter

Thursday, January 29, 2004


Worship the ground that he walks on

Cherish his each and every kiss

Share every conscious moment, basking in the bliss.

Remember the vows, that made you both ONE.

Before God, man and one another

When those sacred words were softly spoken

"I do," was not what was said, and then DONE.

The joining of two hearts and souls

Eternally forever BOUND

Nowhere in the Milky Way, can a more celestial love be found.

Write your list, and he'll write his too.

Sweeter than the most succulent nectar

The bees would lose their cool.

No one could ever guess, or even have a CLUE.

Renew your vows and reassure him, by delicately whispering in his ear.

"Oh yes, my dear sweet HONEY, I sincerely and faithfully promise you that , I still DEW(DO)."

Veola Carter
Copyright2003 Veola Carter

What gives you the right to tell me, what I can or can
not do, with my body?

Whether I was willing or whether I was raped, God is the only SUPREME Being, who has control of my fate.

The black robes that you wear, are supposed to represent JUSTICE.

Nowadays, it displays nothing except, the most benign
form of totalitarianism.


Procreating, thus, allowing another life to grow inside of me, is a choice that is ONLY MINE.

So, in the meanwhile, proceed with your real Judicature. Has that order of business now become, just an opaque blur?

O', I promise you that, me and my body will both be,just fine.

Veola Carter
Copyright2003 Veola Carter

Managing to fake it through yet another day

Always anticipating the how, when or where

Never knowing what to do when the turmoil starts to flair

Into the deep cortex of my mind

Cursing each moment my sanity is not completely there

Veola Carter
Copyright2003 Veola Carter

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